Albion Online reveals its next update : Call to Arms

Sandbox Interactive unveils the first details of the next major update of its MMORPG. The latter introduces a much awaited redesign of the « Faction Warfare » component.

Present in the world of Albion Online for a long time, Faction Wars allow players to enlist in one of the major cities of their choice, in order to fight against players belonging to representative factions of opposing cities.

Although central to some similar MMORPG games, Albion Online’s Faction Wars have so far been rather neglected by the community in favour of PvP activities involving conflicts between guilds and/or alliances of guilds, which are perceived as more rewarding and prestigious.

Un regain d’intérêt

In his latest « dev talk », Robin Henkys (Game Director) informs us that the purpose of this redesign is precisely to rekindle interest in this aspect of the game, in particular by making it :

– Accessible and inclusive for all players on the royal continent (explained below)

In fact, Albion Online being a Sandbox game called PvP « Full Loot », it is possible to lose your equipment during clashes (PvP as well as PvE). Indeed, if you die in certain types of areas, your corpse (and by extension its equipment) will be left in prey to looters!

Here you will find the details applicable to the different types of zones :

Until now, areas of the Royal Continent (blue and yellow areas only), which were not usually subject to restrictions on potential equipment losses, became so if you took part in Factory Warfare objectives in those areas. This will no longer be the case.

This means that as a player in these Blue and Yellow Zones, on the Royal Continent, or simply as a new player, you will be able (as soon as the Call to Arms patch arrives) to take part in factional battles in these zones, without risking seeing your progress reduced to nothing!

But also by offering :

– A significant incentive to devote oneself to a city

– Exciting battles on a large scale, easy to join and rewarding to participate in.

And of course…

Supporting current actors in factional warfare and ensuring that their combat system is maintained and improved

New rewards

In addition to being a social activity, allowing players to develop new relationships within the game, the Faction Wars will allow the future to shine on the battlefield through an exclusive reward system !

The faction panel

Accessible via the activities button, it shows the ranking of the different factions, as well as the rewards offered for joining each of them.

Once you join a faction, you become eligible to fight in their campaign and move up the ranks. Campaigns last for one month and are compatible with all the points you earn on behalf of your faction.

Chests containing the precious loot are allocated when you reach certain milestones. Each faction will offer exclusive rewards for the most committed contributors.

If you’re interested in the Albion Online Faction Wars, feel free to check out their official posts at :

In particular, if you would like more information about the rewards on offer !