[Guild Wars 2 – PvP] Join the Hardstuck Conquest League #1 now !

The now famous Hardstuck organisation offers you a new Conquest type PvP tournament format. But first of all, I would like to give you a brief video review of the resounding success of their previous editions :

  • the Delusional Elitists Conquest
  • and especially le Masters of The Arena

After laying the foundation for both franchises in 2020, Hardstuck is becoming more professional and present today how these two formats will evolve for 2021 and beyond.

The Masters of The Arena franchise is intended to be Invitational, this tournament will take place once a year and entry will be reserved for teams that have proven themselves in the MAT (Montly Automated Tournament) and other E-sports events that have taken place during the year.

The Delusional Elitists Conquest is being transformed and will now be called the Hardstuck Conquest League. The latter will take place three times a year, leading to the Masters of The Arena. The Hardstuck Conquest League tournaments will be open to all teams who want to prove their worth!

Hardstuck Community Events Roadmap RECAP 2021 | New BIG PvE and PvP tournaments confirmed

Hardstuck Conquest League #1

Scheduled to take place independently on the NA and EU sides every 3 months, the first edition of the Hardstuck Conquest League franchise will take place on 13th March at 16:00 GMT on the EU side and on 14th March at 19:00 GMT on the NA side.

You can now register yourself and your team by following this link: https://battlefy.com/hardstuck/hardstuck-conquest-league-1/5fed3f901025ef2cda1b43ed/info?infoTab=details

Alternatively, you can also participate in your own way, by contributing to the prizepool. : https://matcherino.com/t/hco1

Join us on 13th and 14th March on stream !