The Doors of Oblivion saga of the year will begin with the release of the Flames of Ambition downloadable game pack on March 8 on PC/Mac and Stadia and March 16 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

We learn that this DLC, Flames of Ambition, will include two dungeons. Today it is the first of them, the Villa of the Black Dragon, which is presented to us.

This first dungeon will take us to the Gold Coast’s northern hills, to an abandoned manor house that was once the home of the infamous Durcorach the Black Dragon.

We will follow the adventures of Eveli Sharp-Arrow, the enthusiastic adventurer who was hired to recover a mysterious work from the archives of the black Drake villa.

The adventures you will share with Eveli in the Black Dragon Villa are part of the saga of the Year of the Gates of Oblivion and introduce the upcoming stories for 2021, including those of the Blackwood Chapter.

As you enter the villa, you will find that various groups of monsters, as well as three unique bosses, each with their own Difficult mode, have taken up residence there.

This new dungeon will give you access to three new exclusive gear sets, a monster mask, and a host of Achievements and collectibles.

  • Kinras’s Wrath, a medium gear set
  • the monster mask Encratis’s Behemoth
  • the Illusory Salamander Stone memento

Eveli Sharp-Arrow needs your help to venture into the heart of the manor’s library, help her in her quest, plunge into the secrets of Durcorach the Black Dragon, and leave with new never seen before items !