TitanReach postpones its Early Access opening by one week

The RuneScape like developed by Square Root Studios has had its Early Acess pushed back by a week. Indeed, the latter was initially scheduled to open its doors on Sunday 28th February at 3pm AEST. It’s finally Sunday 07th March at 15:00 EAST that has been retained.

As a reminder, TitanReach is a modern reinvention of the so-called « Old School » MMORPGs. Indeed, the title adopts a classless system in order to give total freedom to the players. Players will be able to train their character by improving about twenty skills.

The given reasons for this postponement are :

  • The presence of important bugs
  • Some major functionalities that are almost complete but could not be completed before the initial deadline

The game’s developers plan to work « night and day » during this extra week of development to ensure that Early Access players have the best possible gaming experience.

It should also be noted that this phase of Early Access was not initially planned by Square Root Studios as a means of financing its title. It was following the failure of the Kickstarter and Indiegogo participatory fundraising campaigns that the Studio turned to this solution .

However, if you would like to support this project, you can always invest to buy your Early Access (about $70). We hope that Square Root Studios will be more successful this time than it has been during its recents fundraising campaigns !