[Albion Online] Call to Arms update arrives on 17 March !

A few days ago, we presented the major features of this update in our article « Albion Online reveals its next update : Call to Arms », which you can find below :

Today, in an article to unveil the release date of this next major update of Albion Online, Sandbox Interactive offers a reminder of all the features modified or introduced by Call to Arms.

Call to Arms will therefore appear on the game’s Live servers on March 17th 2021. The main objective of the latter is to bring to the game a complete revamp of the Faction Warfare system.

In Albion Online : Call to Arms, you will be able to :

  • Control entire regions, climb the 9 unique prestige ranks of your Faction, during month-long campaigns.

  • Discover Caerleon’s new faction, which joins the fight as the 6th playable Faction. Like the others mentioned, Caerleon will have its own trade missions and Faction Hearts, which can be used to make your Caerleon Faction cloak, as well as two brand new mounts.

  • In addition to the familiar Faction Mounts, you will now be able to display 6 new Elite Faction Mounts with two unique abilities, one of which is linked to your Faction.

If you are interested in Albion Online, or would like more details on the other features introduced by this update, I invite you to consult the official ticket on the Albion website : https://albiononline.com/en/update/call-to-arms !