Towards a Classic+ for Era servers ? Blizzard launches a survey among its players !

During the BlizzConline event, several announcements were made regarding WoW Classic, including the much-anticipated official release of The Burning Crusade: Classic, as well as the introduction of the timeless Vanilla « Era » servers, the details of which are likely still to be determined…

Indeed, Blizzard is now questioning its players through a survey. Like all Blizzard surveys, this one was only sent by email to randomly selected players. In fact, it is not possible to share it.

Firstly, the survey reminds us that two distinct types of servers will coexist once the progression from the current servers to TBC begins :

  • So-called « Era » servers, which will remain in Vanilla version, but whose modalities could, according to this survey, potentially vary to a greater or lesser extent.
  • The current servers, which will continue their progression towards TBC patches.

Namely that current WOW Classic players will be able to either :

  • Independently migrate each of their characters to an Era type server, or let them continue their progression to TBC on their current servers, free of charge in either case.
  • Duplicate their characters on one AND the other of the two types of servers, thanks to a paid service.

The survey continues with several questions aimed at future Era players, addressing the following themes in particular :

  • The grouping of servers
  • The progression towards TBC
  • Adding content that differs from the original Vanilla version
  • The addition of so-called « Quality of Life » changes

Specifically, there are a few questions below which suggest that Blizzard is considering a Classic+, similar to what Jagex has been able to do with Old School RuneScape :