Crowfall clarifies its « Hunger Dome » mode

After being announced in a « first look » video earlier this month, the new « Hunger Dome » game mode of the Kickstarted MMORPG Crowfall is revealed through a post on the official forum.

At the beginning of March, the studio ArtCraft presented us in this short video the return of a world type that was used during the first phases of testing, thus signalling the arrival of a new Battle Royale game mode in the Crowfall universe: the Hunger Dome.

Today, we learn more about this new game mode. In particular:

  • This one will be played by teams of 5 players.
  • You will be able to preform up to a complete group with your friends.
  • Before starting the hostilities, you will have to choose one of your characters (/!\ This one will have to be level 30 or higher!), or an archetype among a small selection of pre-generated character classes.
  • Teams will not be able to field more than 2 tanks, 2 supports, or more than one representative of the same « Promotion » class.

Start of a match :

  • Each team will be assigned to one of the 12 Gods.
  • The crest of each God will be used to differentiate the players of the different teams.
  • Your team will start at the designated sanctuary for your assigned God.
  • Once in the game, you will have access to 2 separate channels to communicate with your allies:
    • the group channel, to chat with your 4 teammates.
    • the « Murder » channel, to chat only with the players you have invited before launching the game search.
  • At this stage, the voice channel system has not yet been implemented in game.
  • The start of a game is preceded by a 2 minute period for players to choose their character, review and set up their powers.
  • All characters start with new player weapons, a mount and a « beheading » axe.


  • The game is divided into 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.
  • Each season consists of one night (4 minutes) and one day (4 minutes).
  • The Hunger Dome fog starts outside the map and will continue to move towards the center. Stay away and watch where the fog is at all times.
  • At the end of winter, there will be 2 minutes left before the fog covers the entire map.
  • Villages are a good place to find things. The « war tribes » (and random loot chests) offer equipment. A few vendors are located at strategic points on the map.
  • Once all members of a team are killed AND if they do not have a respawn location, then that team is eliminated.
  • Eliminated players can stay in the game as Spirit Crows to watch, or wait for a respawn point to be captured.

Resurrection points :

  • Your sanctuary will serve as a respawn point for your team until late spring.
  • There are 8 Forts, which can be captured to serve as respawn points until the end of summer.
  • There are 4 dungeons, which can be captured to serve as respawn points until the end of autumn.
  • One castle can be captured as a respawn point for the first half of winter.

If a teammate is killed, he is not eliminated immediately. He is still likely to return to combat as long as his team has a respawn point OR has at least one player alive.

If you are interrested in Crowfall « Hunger Dome » game mode, or want to find more information, please visit the official forum post !

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