New World : Discovering the 20v20 PvP mode Outpost Rush

Our impressions of a game of Outpost Rush

We had the chance to test a full game of Outpost Rush for 20-25 minutes. This preview event was divided into three parts:

  • First part presenting the game mode;
  • The gameplay phase (see video below);
  • A question and answer session.

The event took place in early July on the Alpha servers between members of the European press.

After having created characters directly propelled to the maximum level (specifically for the event), we were able to build our character for about fifteen minutes before jumping into the arena!

Not knowing the game mode at the time, or even the high-level gameplay, I created an archetype that seemed coherent (strength/constitution, Hammer/Dual Axe – Tanky with lots of CC) and then followed my comrade identified as a developer (seemed like the best idea) to the central fort.

There we were able to meet up with the enemy team to confront each other for a few moments. The fight was quickly mastered by my team (we were more people at this point, the opposing team was more dispersed on the map).

The fight continued outside the fort, on the enemy team’s side. I ended up dying by being a bit too reckless… I let you discover the rest in the video below!

In summary: I haven’t really explored the different aspects of the instance (bosses, tokens etc…), I’ve mainly focused on the forts and the PvP. So I’m going to talk about these aspects.

It’s only a first impression but the forts seem to be well designed. They are not just « capture points » but a fort with doors to break down, heights for casters/DPS ranges and presumably upgrades that can be made to make them easier to defend.

On the PvP side, I was quite pleased with the experience and the gameplay feelings. You can feel the heaviness of the two-handed weapons, the CC are punchy, the fact that we have a panel of various actions at our disposal (blocking, evade…) is very pleasant, we rarely feel short of options even in difficult situations.

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