The Burning Crusade: Classic pre-patch date leaked ?

A new build has been released on the World of Warcraft Classic test servers this Thursday, March 11th. As usual, it was quickly data mined by the community.

At the end of February, Blizzard made The Burning Crusade: Classic official through its BlizzConline. This first historical expansion will give players the opportunity to once again explore the devastated lands of the Infernal Flames Peninsula and other regions of Outland.

As presented at the time of the announcement, players will be able to choose with each of their characters whether they would prefer to continue their progression to the TBC expansion, or to stay in Azeroth.

In anticipation of the upcoming release of TBC: Classic, this choice system has been partially implemented on the PTR build.

During this test server update, dataminers were able to explore the changes that have been made to the game client code.

A relatively large list of new variables has been extracted, but one of them is particularly noteworthy:

Following this discovery, players are trying to figure out if the May 18th date could possibly be the release date of the expansion, or more likely the pre-patch.

Be careful though, it could just be a provisional date…

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