Albion Online unveils its new « Loadouts » system

The Call to Arms update arrives on March 17th, and in addition to a major overhaul of Faction Warfare and Hellgates, it will also bring significant quality of life improvements to the MMORPG. Amongst these, the new Loadouts system.

In Albion Online, your character’s abilities are directly linked to their equipment. This system has the advantage of giving players incredible freedom in choosing their archetype.

On the other hand, the management of this equipment is quite cumbersome, especially because death in the world of Albion can be punished by the loss of your inventory. This implies frequent returns to the bank, after a defeat, or simply between two activities.

  • « Loadouts » are a brand new system that provides an answer to this problem. They are sets of equipment, skills and consumables predefined by you.
  • These Loadouts can be equipped in one click, on the sole condition that the associated items are available in your inventory.
  • This system will allow you to predefine up to 30 different personal Loadouts. Guild Loadouts will also be available.

Loadouts will be accessible and editable via a new dedicated interface in the « Player » menu. You will be able to assign a name, an icon and a colour to each Loadout.

In addition, the components of a Loadout can be either :

  • selected from the list of what is available in the game, for each location;
  • directly defined according to what is equipped, and what spells have been chosen.

Once a Loadout has been created, it can of course be modified.

Loadouts can be shared via a simple action in the dedicated interface. You will be able to share your Loadouts with different options, and by adding a descriptive text. Loadouts shared by other players can also be saved!

As said before, Guild Loadouts will also be available (up to 100). The creation and/or modification of Guild Loadouts will require specific access rights.

Please note that in order to be used, a Guild Loadout must first be registered as a personal Loadout! The purpose of the Guild Loadouts system is rather to build up a library of favourite sets used by a guild in its various activities.

Establish rules to gain flexibility

Loadouts may be subject to rules, to define whether you want to equip only objects whose parameters are :

  • All exactly the same as those defined in the Package
  • Identical or higher
  • Identical or lower

These parameters are for example:

  • The tier of an equipment
  • its enchantment level
  • its quality
  • the available quantity of a consumable

These rules will allow you to filter your different equipments, and will be particularly useful around your banks, chests, and battle chests, from which your Loadouts can be directly equipped!