New Fresh Start servers for Archeage Unchained

After having « reorganised » the western servers of ArcheAge, Gamigo announces the forthcoming opening of a « New Start » type server, starting this March 25th.

At the end of last February, the South Korean studio XL Games announced the opening of a new server for ArcheAge, aiming to welcome more Asian players on its platform – the opening of this new server was accompanied by several in-game animations.

Apparently, the Sandpark-type MMORPG will do the same in the West: ArcheAge: Unchained will open its doors to two new « New Start » servers (again) on March 25th. Players (veterans and newcomers alike) will be able to start an adventure all over again on an equal footing.

It is already known that one server is planned for each zone (Europe and North America), and that these servers will operate exactly as the previous ones.

More details should be communicated by Gamigo in the coming weeks.